En toute transparence sur notre NPS

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no taboos here!

Since the creation of Quechua in 1997 (yes, it's been 25 years already), we have been committed to continuous improvement and innovation.
For this, your feedback and comments in the international NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey are a real gold mine to us.
Our teams like challenges and this survey allows us to improve our offer and our products at all levels.
So first of all: T H A N K S 😍

No subjects are taboo for us!
Here we go back on the 8 questions that hurt, but above all help us grow!

Share your point of view!

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

#1 What are we doing for the environment?

Preserving the environment is of course our daily priority!  

To respect the framework given by the Paris agreements and limit global warming to less than 1.5°C, we apply the specific objectives formulated by the SBTI (Science-Based Target Initiative) which helps companies to put in place an ambitious environmental policy.

We are ambitious, since the long-term goal is to move towards carbon neutrality and therefore reduce our CO2 emissions by 90% in absolute terms by 2050. In the shorter term, we are working hard to reduce our CO2 impact by 20% by 2026 (vs 2021). Yes, it's good to think big, but the small steps we take will enable us to achieve the goals we set ourselves!
In order for our teams to be concrete from now on, short-term objectives have already been put in place to help reverse the emissions curve for as early as 2025.
We therefore have three years to act, three years to transform ourselves and this transformation is already more than 600 of our products are now eco-designed, that is almost 1 in 5 🌱💪🏻.
While this may seem low to you, bear in mind that it must be compared with the number of references we have, especially spare parts!
The sustainability of our products also means that we can offer repair solutions for as many of our products as possible. This year, we have doubled the number of products repaired, with over 8,000 products that will not be thrown away thanks to this more sustainable solution! Our goal is to have a minimum of 37% of products repaired by 2026!  💪🏻

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

Commitments to solidarity 

We don't stop there!
Today, in addition to the eco-design actions that are being carried out on our products, we are proud to be involved with associations that work to protect and educate our environment. This year, Quechua is continuing to support 3 associations and their projects, for long-term action!

During the summer of 2023, one of them has just made a major breakthrough in its fight to protect the environment.

The Conservatoire Des Espaces Naturels and their Ice & Life project recently published an article entitled Future emergence of new ecosystems caused by glacial retreat in the prestigious international journal Nature!

The first scientific article to discuss the future of the world's glacial surfaces, how to protect them and post-glacial ecosystems.

This is significant recognition of the quality of the work carried out by the association's research team and the impact of our financial contributions on their ability to carry out high-level studies!

As a company committed to preserving the environment, we are delighted to see our support translated into scientific advances that contribute directly to preserving ecosystems.

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

#2 Our brand promise is not readable

« To each his own getaway » is the promise of our Quechua brand platform.

Five words to sum up the ambition of an entire universe.
But this promise is not intended to become a baseline or to be communicated, it is rather a guideline for our teams who imagine and develop our future products.
A key that is reflected in our communication!

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

#3 We want more colours!

Haaa the choice of colours, this is a subject that makes everyone react to almost every product launch!
We receive a lot of feedback from you concerning this subject!
You can imagine that choosing colours is not that easy.  

However, we are working hard to offer you a sportier and brighter range of colours, which means choosing brighter colours.  
But, it’s all about finding the right balance.

On the one hand, there are the bright colours that bring visibility, dynamism and desirability to our customers, both on the shop’s shelves, online and even on social media.  
On the other hand, we have the more “neutral”, more “all-purpose” colours, which today represent a large proportion of our sales.
Yes, we must admit that bright colours do not perform as well as the others and that it is the economics that determine the final choice of colours.  

More neutral colours are also more durable and allow for more sustainability by developing ecological dyeing solutions, such as « Dope Dye » which reduces the volume of water used when dyeing the yarns.

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

#4 An ageing look? 

We are aware of this problem!
From 2019, we have worked to make products that are more dynamic, more desirable and more carefully designed.
Products capable of attracting younger hikers while continuing to retain our current clientele (older DECATHLON customers).
As you will have understood, this is an exercise that must be carried out at the right speed so as not to lose our historical customers.
It was after a lot of teamwork that we formalized a new "design language" which was born in June 2021.
The MH100 water bottle, the MH500 jacket and more recently the MH500 Hoodie, the MH500 women's boots and the Fast Hiking textiles are products that embody this renewal and that partly include the DNA of our new design language. 

Some more new products will arrive this winter, such as the 520 and 920 fleeces range!
Product development is a long process and we are aware that it will take a few more years to successfully implement these changes in all of our products.

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

#5 Footwear to boost you?

You asked us for lighter and more comfortable footwear... and we listened to you 😀!

Starting from this year, we are going to be offering a new 500 range.
Almost everything has been redesigned.
The sole block has been completely reworked to bring more comfort and more grip.
To do this, we changed the recipe of our foams and redesigned the lugs.
All this while reducing their environmental footprint: 25% of the boot's weight is eco-designed from recycled materials: sugar cane and tyre waste are used as the basis of the soles for example!

This new MH 500 hiking boot is available in two models:
- a Waterproof version, a simplified design, which combines comfort, the resistance of leather, careful finishing and a modern look.
- a Light version, which will be just as comfortable for hiking, but lighter and more breathable thanks to the materials used.

The games of transparency, superimposition and the bonding of materials make it a technical and modern product, and always at a low price 💥.

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

#6 And what about sunglasses?

Our project group, dedicated to sunglasses, promises you that the next collection is going to be very exciting.                                                                                                                                         
From the "first price" range onwards, there will be some changes with a new MH 100 model that has been redesigned and modernised!

For the 500 range, there will be a big change with the arrival of a NXT photochromic lens (produced by Julbo’s supplier)!
You will therefore find on the shelves a new MH570 model with an HD lens for the classic version and an NXT lens for the photochromic version, all with a modernized design!
New colours are also expected for the MH530 model.
Thanks to your feedback on how to distinguish the different ranges between the entry 100 level and the top 500 level in the stores, a more qualitative protection pack will be proposed.
Something else new in order to bring an even more technical guarantee to our sunglasses: all or almost all of the lenses will now be engraved with their advantage or their specificity: ex: Category 3, Cat 4, HD...
And be ready as we are working on the integration of RFID directly into the temples of the sunglasses to save even more time!
Once the last technical constraints are settled, this innovation should be on the shelves by 2024 😎.

From next year, you'll be able to discover our limited edition SH900 full lense goggles, with a design worthy of all your sports and everyday outings! The nosepiece and temples are perfectly adjustable to suit everyone's tastes! We can't wait to present it to you very soon...

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

#7 More fun for junior textiles!

I promise, this is the end to remarks concerning the lack of graphics and colours on junior textiles.
In terms of design, we are going to offer “desaturated” colours that are easier to integrate into everyday life.
No need to change clothes several times during hectic days between school, sports activities, play sessions or visiting granny and grampy.  

Bright colours will contrast with natural shades to create a more distinct outdoor world.
As for the graphics, fun and playfulness are the order of the day with our now famous little mascots.
You will see them on our t-shirts but also hidden inside our jackets to create the surprise. The practical accessory appreciated by all parents: the name tag on the product where they can write the child’s name, without forgetting the interactive graphics which react and change colour in the sun or the rain! 🌈

En toute transparence sur notre NPS

#8 Innovations never stop!

As you know, innovation has always been at the heart of our development at Quechua! 

Like our famous 2 Seconds tent, designed in our worldwide design centre in Passy, or our very recent roof tent, R&D never stops at the foot of Mont Blanc!
It is now fast-hiking that is Quechua's laboratory for technology and exploration, and it is precisely there that you can expect our future innovation.
When it comes to textiles, innovations are rare, but this one has already been selected in the queen’s category of the next Decathlon Reveal Innovation (we can't wait to show it to you 🤭 )!
The pitch is simple: to offer a product that allows optimum sweat management, i.e. to be able to take off and put on your jacket easily, despite wearing a backpack.
Our teams therefore thought of integrating a jacket into a carrying belt in which you can also put keys, cereal bars, a telephone and a 500 ml flask.
The jacket will also offer rain protection (up to 10,000 Schmerbers for the experts).
Amazing, in a matter of seconds the jacket can be taken out or stowed away in the waistband.
Available in men's and women's versions, for short half-day trips with a significant difference in altitude.
Expected to be on the market by 2024.

#9 The tents last even longer!

The challenge has been met!
Our teams have been fully committed to these issues!
It all depends on the materials used:
This year was marked by the arrival of the Airseconds 4.2 Polycotton tent!
This material provides a better resistance to UVs, offers better breathability and boosts significantly the life span of the tents!
This is also due to the spare parts which are available in-store or on-line, and repairs can be done in the DECATHLON workshops, but also to all the validation tests taken out to guarantee quality products!

Didn't you know that?

Pictures are worth a thousand words so this way please 👉🏻 !

En toute transparence sur notre NPS
En toute transparence sur notre NPS

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