Sunrise mont blanc Filippo Blengini

In2white, the biggest Mont Blanc panorama

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Until now reserved for experienced mountaineers, it's now possible to contemplate the majesty of the highest European summit staying at home, through the largest panorama of Mont Blanc never realized!

The community of photographers In2white wished to represent Mont Blanc as they see it, that is to say with major beauty, astonishing magnitude and pure elation. To seize every single detail of this mountain, they created the highest high definition panoramic picture ever taken. After 15 days of shooting at 3500 meters high with minus 10 Celsius degrees, 70 000 shoots and 2 months postproduction, the Mont Blanc panorama is now available with a record resolution of 365 gigapixels. To leave this unique experience, go to the website and enjoy a 360° visit! You will be able to zoom wherever you want to get closer to crevasses or the meet mountaineers. Below are some backstage images of this tribute to Mont Blanc. Photo credit: Filippo Blengini Sunrise mont blanc Filippo BlenginiIn2white Filippo BlenginiIn2white mont blanc Filippo BlenginiMont Blanc Filippo BlenginiPanorama du mont blanc Filippo Blenginipanorama Mont blanc par Filippo Blengini

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